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January 23, 2024

The Full Home Build of Your Dreams

Are you ready to take down the old wallpaper in your bathroom and replace it with white shiplap? Or are you prepared to remove the shag carpet in your living room for beautiful hardwood floors? While not an easy undertaking, entire home renovations and new builds are exciting and extremely rewarding.

Transform Your Space with a New Build

Homes are meant to reflect who you are, and full home renovations can help you achieve the right look and feel unique to your family. With new builds, you’re starting from scratch. There’s plenty to appreciate from the design style of existing spaces, but they were someone else’s vision – not yours. Whether you are looking for a complete home remodel with a Tuscan theme or building a Mediterranean-style house, you get creative control with these projects.

Your goals also take center focus. Maybe you need a home office for your new job. Perhaps you want to create a space for entertaining friends and family. Maybe you’re planning on having children. Full home builds let you use your goals to create a space that’s not only made for your ideal exterior and interior design style but also your lifestyle needs.

Consulting with Design Experts

It can be difficult to thoroughly plan the look of your entire home renovation, which is where interior design experts come in. Interior design contractors and in-house departments like ours at 5blox have the expertise to navigate the design direction and create the space you envision. Tell them your favorite styles, designs, ideas, and inspirations, and they’ll help complete your dream home makeover.

Architects will even create a 3D rendering of your full home build so you can see exactly what it’ll look like before it’s constructed. No building starts until you’re 100% satisfied!

Setting the Renovation Budget and Timeline

From single rooms to new builds, home renovations can be quite long and expensive. Working with contractors helps provide the solutions you need to create a unique look within your budget and on schedule, including upfront quotes for the expected work and materials. While the length of your renovation project will vary depending on your vision and goals, 5blox has a 7-year guarantee for remodeling and construction. Things may sound intimidating now, but they’ll be well worth it when you walk into your dream home.

The Ins and Outs of Full Home Builds

entire home renovation in progress

Though design may be one of the most fun parts of entire home renovations and builds, it’s not the only important aspect of these projects. They’re integrated processes that include permits, purchasing, construction, and more. Home renovation contractors typically handle everything for you. That means taking care of any building permits you’ll need for your home, project management, consultation, purchasing of materials, and remodeling.

Understandably, you may not have the breadth of information about permits and building codes. With extensive knowledge and expertise, our professional contractors take some of the complications out of renovations and ensure your full home build is beautiful, safe, and up to code.

Making Renovations a Collaborative Experience

Good communication skills and personalized service are two defining factors of a great home renovation contractor. It’s your home; you should feel heard. If you have any questions about the entire home renovation process, concerns about the direction or budget, or think of a new feature you’d like to add, communication lines need to be open. That’s why it’s crucial to work with a contractor that makes you feel like you’re part of the renovation team.

Communication is a two-way street. As the client, you should feel free to offer feedback so your full home build is as close to your vision as possible. The contractor should keep you in the loop with financials, involve you in meaningful home improvement conversations, and give you the final say before any big decisions are made with your build. This collaboration makes all the difference with your renovation experience and the final result.

High-Value Design and Workmanship

modern kitchen with stainless steel refrigerator and seating area

As your future home, there’s no question that the quality of craftsmanship has to be exceptional. There are many good reasons to work with a home improvement contractor with industry expertise. They’re the ones who’ll assist you with developing the floor plan for your renovation, managing the electrical wiring, and, above all else, ensuring the quality of your full home build. You don’t want to have to redo anything in your beautiful new home months after it’s finished. From the indoor flooring to the home’s exterior, professional contractors manage projects to ensure the job is done right the first time.

Taking on the Home Renovation Process

With new builds and entire home renovations, you’re excited to see your home transform step by step. What does the process generally entail? You’ll start by consulting with an interior designer and remodeling expert about your goals and the project’s estimated timeline and budget. From there, architects create a realistic 3D rendering of how your full home build will look and make any improvements until you’re happy. Once that’s settled, the project can officially begin: materials are purchased (with your approval), any necessary demolition occurs, construction is completed, and those beautiful finishing touches are added with interior decor and furnishings.

Start Building Your Dream Home

Your idea of a home with an updated bathroom, open floor plan, or fresh interior design style can be your reality with a full home build or entire renovation of your home. View custom home remodeling projects for inspiration, or contact full-service industry experts to start building your dream home today!