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Who We Are

Our Goal is to Help You Achieve Yours.

We are a team of experts who spent years gaining experience working with large home improvement companies. Although we loved the home remodeling aspect of our careers, we did not always agree with those companies’ focus. We learned that there was more than a quick fix to remodeling and wanted a more personalized approach to working with clients’ desires in a home remodel.

Now, over five years later, 5blox is an independent, fully licensed, and bonded home interior company that takes time to listen to client needs to build beautiful homes. Home improvement is our passion. We fully invest in every project because we know the satisfaction of maximizing potential space.

Regardless of your dream renovation, every project has three common denominators we keep in mind.

  1. Adaptability – There are times when we have to be flexible with home improvement changes.
  2. Financials – When changes happen, they can impact the bottom line. We always keep you up-to-date with financials.
  3. Commitment – Improving your home is a huge commitment, so when you are ready to make the leap, we will ensure it’s worthwhile.


It’s Your Home, You Should Feel Heard

Changing your home is changing a part of the way you live your life. At 5blox, that’s not something we take lightly. Our designers listen to you and create a 3D model of your finished remodel. We recognize if we make a change for the better, we’ve accomplished our mission, so we don’t move forward until we have your approval on the design.


We Know How to Make Sustainable Look Stunning

Our vision is to love the earth more by creating home remodeling projects with eco-friendly materials, products, and displays.

Contact us to speak with a designer today and start your home’s dream makeover.