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Who we are

Our goal is helping you to achieve yours.

Before we were 5blox, we gained our fair share of experience working for some of the largest companies in the home improvement industry. While there was a lot to learn about home improvement, we became disoriented by the pushy sales tactics and poor customer service employed within the industry. Intuition taught us to believe in the value of communication and cooperation when creating a client’s vision. When it became clear that the rest of the industry didn’t agree with us, we decided to try things our own way. Five years later, we have yet to regret that choice, and we think our clients would agree.

Home improvement is a passion. We’ve assembled a team that truly knows the satisfaction of maximizing the potential in a space. Whether you’re updating an old design or adding an extension to your home, 5blox becomes fully invested in any project that comes across our drawing board.

We are a fully licensed and bonded company, but most importantly, we are a company that cares about your home (almost) as much as you do.

No matter what your dream renovation may look like, there’s a few things that all of our projects have in common. We design everything with adaptability in mind. Things don’t always go as planned, so we plan for that. How you spend your money is important to you, so it’s important to us too. An initial cost estimate paired with on-going budget updates ensures you are constantly in the financial loop. Lastly, we create designs that are meant to last. Home improvement is a commitment, so when our clients are willing to make the leap we make sure it’s worthwhile.


It’s your home, you should feel heard.

Changing your home is changing a part of the way you live your life. At 5blox, that’s not something we take lightly. If we make a change for the better, we’ve accomplished our mission.


We know how to make sustainable look stunning

We create personalized home renovations that are as beautiful as they are eco-friendly.