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About Me

Interior design has always played a major role in my story. Coming from a family of Vietnamese immigrants, building a new home in a new land was more than a design challenge. It birthed my passion for creating spaces that are rich with purpose and reflect my clients’ personalities and perspectives. Swatches of paint and the scent of newly sawn wood were more than sensory associations. They were bridges across continents, leading me to study civil engineering, emphasizing architectural design.

I’m not just your interior designer. I’m your Long Beach engineer and designer, combining my eye for aesthetics and engineering knowledge to translate your ideas into spaces you’ll cherish for years to come. My experience in architectural design, engineering, and construction empowers me to open doors to creative solutions that are aesthetically pleasing, structurally sound, and fully functional.

Every detail in your home renovation or new construction project is a note in the symphony. As the interior designer for your Long Beach home, I assist you in creating a unique design melody that reflects your point of view.

Interior Spaces
That Feed Your Soul

My main goal is to fuel your creativity and anchor your confidence for realizing the home of your dreams. My philosophy is that no idea is out of bounds. Together, we refine your ideas for beautiful, functional, and soul-affirming interiors. There’s no time like today to get started. I look forward to being your Long Beach interior designer. Book your free walkthrough today.