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About Me

Design is in my DNA. Growing up, my family’s home was like living in a design workshop. My parents, renowned graphic designers, and grandmother, known for handcrafting dazzling costumes in our Colombian community, nurtured my creative spirit, cultivating a lifelong love for all things fashion and style.

My design journey started in Medellin, Colombia. The city’s vibrant energy created the perfect environment for my four years of studying fashion design. Then, Milan, Italy, the design capital of the world, called my name. Amidst a mosaic of creative and brilliant minds, I further developed my skills, earning my Master’s degree. Milan’s international design scene was the perfect place, allowing me to connect and collaborate with multifaceted people from diverse backgrounds with unique perspectives.

My experience sparked my entrepreneurial spirit, inspiring me to launch Noir Chocolate in Colombia. I flexed my artistic muscles there, creating the brand logo and designing unique chocolate shapes. I owned the complete branding experience. Eventually, I heeded the call to return to fashion. I expanded into interior design in Long Beach and Los Angeles, which fed my need for creating spaces that tell unique stories of beauty, function, and comfort.

Let Us Tell Your Story

As with fashion, interior design uses colors, shapes, and textures to evoke emotions and establish moods. As an interior designer serving Los Angeles, I bring the eye of a fashion designer to my clients’ interiors. Like clothing reflects your style, your spaces should reflect your unique point of view. Tell me your vision, and let’s paint a new, exciting reality for your home.