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Interior Design Project Management by 5blox

Our love for interiors is rooted in a deep passion for all things related to home and design. Our team’s passion for creating elevated, timeless spaces that are inviting, blending beauty, character, and function is evident in our work. Our interior design project management works closely with you from the planning through the completion of the project. In addition to remodels, we offer full-service homes in interior design planning throughout Los Angeles.

Who Needs Interior Designing?

Our services are the perfect solution for busy homeowners who don’t have the expertise, desire, energy, or time to prepare or manage their projects. Our highly personalized design services range from free consultations to full rebuilds. We aim to leave you with a beautiful result and a dream home. Our project management team takes the stress and time commitment off your shoulders by navigating all the details of planning and executing your interior design project.

With a keen eye for design, decor, and styling, we will give your space the balance of style, personality, and originality that is uniquely yours. Communication, clarity, and attention to detail are top priorities for our team. We enjoy collaborating with you throughout the planning of your interior design project, from identifying the needs and wants of each space to incorporating your feedback.


Natalia Daza

Designing runs through my veins. Coming from a family of designers, I see beauty in color, texture, and shape. My parents were graphic designers for well-known brand companies. However, it was my grandmother who heavily influenced my passion for design. In our community, she was known for her festive costume designs, and her encouragement pushed me to pursue a career in design.

I studied fashion design in Medellin, Colombia, for four years before moving to Milan, Italy, to get my Master’s. In Italy, the ball began to roll. Milan is the designer capital of the world. Artists and designers worldwide go there to study all things design-related. I met people with various interests and careers. I also began a company in Colombia called Noir Chocolate, where I took part in designing everything from the graphic logo to the shape of the chocolate candies. I then moved to LA to continue my career in fashion design. Eventually, I branched out to interior design but still utilized my knowledge of fashion design to influence my style.

Client-customer connection is vital to me. I strive to understand and see the desired look before the client knows what they want. Every client is unique, and each brings new ideas and challenges I utilize for the next. I am curious, and each challenge I encounter is for my self-growth as a designer and a person. I am frank with my opinions and happy to take bold and risky designs for the betterment of my clients.


Kelvin Nguyen

Being an interior designer is much more than simply making a space “look nice.” It is a collaborative process that involves communication, honesty, and purpose. The goal is to create a space with meaning on a personal and spiritual level. Whether through unique utilization of texture, materials, color, or even placement, I genuinely believe everything is done and chosen for a reason — as if there should be a purpose behind every little detail. By the end, the designer and client can reach this sense of satisfaction, achievement, and personal growth, which is more worthwhile.

Coming from a family who immigrated from Vietnam and struggled to find a place they could call home, I got my start collaborating with my parents on how I should do things in a way that brings a piece of our homeland into the home we were staying in at the time. These family bonding moments sparked my lifelong passion for home improvement. I eventually got a background in Civil Engineering, emphasizing Architectural Design. I also have a Certificate in Photorealistic Visualization Renderings from Vizacademy, an architectural design and art school based in the United Kingdom. Exposure to both construction and design has helped me develop my style of designing, one where limitations and imperfections in structure dictate the final result of my plan.

Designing is subjective, and as a designer, it is unfair for me to stick to my design preferences strictly. Instead, I aim to ensure my client is confident in their judgment and provide an environment where no idea is ridiculous. In any case, additional collaboration and redirection may be required to find a compromise between the designer and the client. At the end of the day, I would like my clients to be content with the final result and the process.


Barak Shemtov

I bring a unique blend of engineering expertise and design experience to the team. As one of 5blox’s project coordinators, I find connecting with clients and understanding their needs fundamental.

I grew up in the culturally rich landscape of Israel. My education in design and architecture began at Ariel University, where I pursued a degree in engineering and architecture. This combination has given me a deep understanding of structural principles and a keen eye for aesthetics.

Though I trained as a civil engineer, I regularly contribute to our design team. I help teach our designers and share my knowledge to help them improve their technical skills. I help them bridge the gap between the conceptual and the practical, resulting in visually stunning and structurally sound designs.

I will be assisting 5blox’s efforts in interior design leveraging my unique background. My ability to blend engineering principles with design helps me liaise with clients and our design team and ensure each project is a harmonious marriage of form and function. I’m excited to help turn our clients’ dreams into beautifully constructed realities.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

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“I am so happy I went with 5blox to remodel my three bathrooms! From start to finish, the crew delivered top quality work. The entire team was very responsive in keeping me updated on a daily basis so I was able to get on with my life without having to worry about the construction. I have a demanding job and two little kids, so I was really apprehensive about the renovation and the horror stories that comes with it, but I experienced NONE!! The crew also made sure to minimize dust and dirt as much as possible by covering the floor and cleaning up daily! Don't hesitate for a second about going with 5blox! They have the BEST people working for the company. I can't wait for them to redo my kitchen!”

Interior Design Support

If you’re looking to work with an interior designer, then 5blox’s interior design services are for you. We will work with you through the creation of an interior design project overview and the creation of a design that includes furniture selection and procurement that works for your family.

We bring the samples and design presentation to you, and purchase all materials, furniture, decor, fixtures, and finishes. Rest easily knowing your interior design services will meet your vision and expectations.

Design Collaboration & Presentation

Sure you want to alter your space but uncertain how to do so and need help with creating your vision? Our interior design services can help you construct and incorporate the aesthetic you’re looking to achieve. We gather all the information to find your style, thoughts, and budget for reworking your space. We produce a design plan that makes use of floor plans, materials, and samples to help you envision the final result. Once the design is ready, we present it to you in a binder with all the documentation and notes for our 5blox team.

Looking for Design Advice?

In the midst of an interior design project and unsure what to do next? Do you need assistance, advice, or solutions in any aspect of the field, such as choosing paint, fixtures, finishes, or space planning? Schedule a free consultation, and we’ll collaborate with you to devise optimal proposals, whether in-person or through virtual consultations.

  • Paint Selection
  • Window Treatments
  • Space Planning
  • Cabinetry Style Selection
  • Lighting
  • Furniture
  • Shopping with your interior designer
  • Design Consulting
  • Fixtures and Finishes

Interior Designs by 5blox

Interior design planning is not just about the design; it’s the experience and assurance that you will achieve a look you’re proud of before you even start your project, giving you the peace of mind you’re looking for. Contact our interior design project management team for more information.