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5blox has transformed bathrooms all across the Los Angeles area.
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Your New Bathroom

Soon to be the most relaxing room in your house.

This is the room where you prepare to begin a new day, and the same room where you prepare to rest at night. For many it’s the most important room in the house, and to 5blox, that means something.

Whether the key in making your bathroom a more comfortable place is enhanced storage, better plumbing, or a refreshed design, remodeling this room can vastly improve the overall comfort of your home. The 5blox team knows how to ask the right questions to create a bathroom that is a sustainable and space-efficient reflection of your own personal style.


5blox takes your vision and turns it into the bathroom of your dreams. For us, that means keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

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Free Interior Designs

You’ll get a first glimpse of your new bathroom before our contractors even lift a finger. Our 3D designers bring your vision to life so you can visualize your home’s transformation digitally before making any major commitments.

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You are an official member of the team we assemble to create your dream home. As a team member, you are consulted on the selection and purchase of materials, involved in key conversations and requirements, and most importantly, you give the final word before real decisions are made. 

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Our craftsmen all share a common philosophy: if it’s not done in the best way possible, it’s not done. Every component of the process, from constructing your plans to executing them, is completed with precision, quality, and timeliness in mind.


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Our clients say

The business of building dream homes has led us to form amazing relationships with our clients. Here’s what they’re saying about us.

Van Nuys – Bathroom Remodel

5blox really got into the details with me, where other contractors tended to shy away from that.

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