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Sherman Oaks

Full Home

Project Location

Sherman Oaks

Project Cost

$200,001 - $500,000

Project Description

Ms. Gibbons holds a special place in our hearts at 5blox. When she approached us, she had a quaint home in Sherman Oaks. The place held too many memories and it was time for a face lift. The backsplash in the kitchen was done with such care to detail, it really brings the floors and countertop theme together to create one of the most stunning galley kitchens we have worked on. The credit for much of the design of this project has to be given to Ms. Gibbons, who knew exactly what she wanted, most of the time knew where to get it, and just needed our help bringing her vision to reality. The end result speaks for itself. The home is now open and flowing with so much light it lifts your heart to be in.